I am a journalist in Goa, India and have been covering the region since the early 1990s. Apart from my current work as special correspondent for THE ASIAN AGE, I’ve also worked for the HERALD (Goa), THE TELEGRAPH (Kolkata) and the LAWYERS COLLECTIVE (Mumbai). My writings have appeared in AP and other media outlets.


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  1. rochelle pinto says:

    Hi Pamela,
    Have met you before at Prakash Cafe – am a researcher on the history of Goa and have currently shifted my interests to questions of land. I had a couple of questions – would be grateful for some leads.

    When i used to work in the archives in panjim, i frequently saw people consulting them on a daily basis for their own land records i think. I assumed that this was for the purpose of litigation, or property related. Is this true, and do you know of anyone who has done this?

    This is linked to my interest in the revival of colonial mining leases in Goa – have the mining leases been made public anywhere?

    I was wondering whether the land records, since they are consulted on a daily basis anyway, and , i think, photocopied, could not be scanned and uploaded. would it be possible to file an rti for this – not preferable if it alienates the archives, but was wondering about the legal status of the land records. i know in other states, tamil nadu for instance, they undertake to verify them for those who submit applications – which also provides a mechanism for the archive staff to then make money on various counts – so its not a uniform rule or anything.



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